Target Group

  • Small company with no time for fancy tools? This simple self-assessment measures your company’s performance in all areas of the UN Global Compact – Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption – and how well these issues are managed.


  • Large company with lots of experience? The tool gives you a benchmark for what you are already doing. Indicators based on international standards and best practices help you to continuously improve existing policies and systems, engage subsidiaries, suppliers or other stakeholders, improve internal and external reporting and much more. 


  • Specific needs? The tool helps identify the issues specific to your company regardless of sector and country of operation - whether related to environmental issues, product stewardship, community engagement, security, or supply chain management.


  • New to the UN Global Compact? The tool gives you the perfect head-start by letting you know where you stand, so you can start focusing on what’s important for your company.