Before you start

The Global Compact Self Assessment Tool is just that: a self-assessment. You decide where to start, how much time to invest and what to do with the outcome. Here are some questions you might want to consider before you start:


What issues do we want to cover?
You can go through all of the questions in the Global Compact Self Assessment Tool one after one, or you can select a few areas or topics that you think are particularly important for your company. We recommend that you answer the questions in the management section regardless of which specific topics you are interested in. Spend time getting to know the tool, before you decide.
What do we want to include in our self-assessment? 
If your company has several subsidiaries, sites and units, decide which parts of the business you want to include in the assessment. You can run the assessment at the corporate level, but we recommend one assessment for each site. If you want to focus only on corporate policies and systems, you may want to exclude some of the more practical questions.


Who should be involved?
If you’re the manager of a small company you may have all the answers yourself. But if you’re in a larger company you may need to involve specific functions such as Human Resources, Health and Safety, Environment, Legal, Procurement, Security etc. It's up to you if you want to involve employees (or employee representatives), but chances are you’ll get a better result if you do.
How do we ensure internal commitment?
Ensure that the purpose of the self-assessment is clearly communicated to all participants and that management is committed. Make sure you create ownership of the assessment among the colleagues who will be implementing the improvements after the assessment is done.